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Tableau Bistro Bar

The atmosphere in Tableau Bistro was festive and busy.  The music was kindly changed on request to some nice upbeat jazz and Christmas song.

The food:

The appetizer - Foix Gras with little cakes and jello and toasted (old) sourdough bread.  Delicious none-the-less.
Paul's venison was beautifully done with a sweet sauce of cherries, with one potatoe and two carrots.  The sauce was to die for!

Maria's Arctic char was perfectly cooked, bedded in a green sauce with spinach and white beans and smooth mashed potatoes.  The sauces blended together perfectly and complimented the char.

The virgin mojitos were a bit sweet.

Desert was RICH RICH RICH.  A lovely blend of chocolate, crunchy hazelnut with a marshmellow melt addition.

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