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Dancing Teams

We are a dancing team: Peter Dunlop and Maria Morlin.  We also have a trio dancing team: the Swing in Style Dancers with Janet Lang.

Janet, Peter and I dancing at the Port Moody car free days in August 2019.

Song:  Sunny (Bobby Hebb)

Band:  Clavinova Nights

This is an original song written and performed by Rob Weaver with a fun light -hearted latin feel. Adam Rohrlick plays beautiful guitar, and Nino DiPasquale groovy latin drums and percussion.

I have taught Lindy Hop, and dance many styles including West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Jive.

Another amazing dance lesson at the Alpen Club with Impressions and the Collaborators on February 14.  I

taught a romantic swing line dance.  Everyone

loved it!!

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